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      You may have heard of merchandising, but really have no idea what it all entails. People who do merchandising work are commonly referred to as:  merchandisers, vendors, sales reps, reset merchandisers, manufacturing representatives and store reps. However, all merchandisers, regardless of their job titles have similar store functions and goals. The goal of merchandisers is to represent products produced and sold to retail chains by manufacturers. Once a product is sold to a retail chain, it is in the best interest of the manufacturer to make sure once it gets to the stores, that their product is represented on the sales floor and not sitting in a backroom somewhere. There are many things that a merchandiser may do for the manufacturer such as: assembling products, cutting in new items, working with the stores claims department, putting products on end caps, on the shelves, on fixtures, auditing inventory, resetting planograms/modulars, making sure the proper signage is visually appealing and complete and making sure their product is properly tagged and labeled. All of these things are geared to promote sales. That's where you come in, there are literally thousands of jobs in merchandising every year!

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Merchandising, Mystery shopping, Demonstrations, Resets, Inventory, Fixture installation, Assembly, Survey taker, Pricing lead, Retail Management, Stocker, Grocery/Deli Associate, Receiving/Claims
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